A more ethical immigration policy for Black America

When scoring legislation, the Congressional Budget Office must incorporate the specific economic impact on the Black American community into their analysis of any legislation regarding immigration. Unless and until this is done the ADOS Advocacy Foundation will reject and oppose outright all legislation and executive action around immigration reform. 

The government must adhere to a needs-based approach when allocating the number of H1-B Visa workers for tech companies that flow in each year. Instead, targeted investments along with fast-track training and mentorship programs must be directed specifically at Black American communities to equip them for the jobs of the future. The H1-B Visa restrictions must remain in effect until parity is reached in hiring and pay for Black American workers in the technology sector. The government should issue tax-credits and other incentives to tech companies that actively recruit, hire, train, mentor, and retain Black American workers in tech.

The Biden-Harris Department of Homeland Security must direct the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to include Black American History on the Naturalization test. New arrivals to the country who seek citizenship must be able to demonstrate that they have a solid grasp of the totality of Black America’s specific journey, immutable contributions, and the specific debt owed to the builders of the country they wish to become a part of.  All DACA recipients and any other undocumented persons that seek a path to citizenship must pass the Naturalization test as well. 

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Despite being the agricultural experts at the end of Slavery, Black farmers have been historically excluded from agricultural programs.

Black Business

Black America requires investment in business, economic uplift, and employment. Learn more.


For decades, Cannabis was used to incarcerate a disproportionate number of Black Americans.
Repair starts here.

Economics & Labor

Wealth is a major predictor of all outcomes in the US including education and health. Therefore, Black America's decline in wealth must be addressed.


Educational inequalities for Black America must be addressed systematically.

Environmental Racism

Polluted environments harm our communities in America. Learn about our solution to address this issue.

Health & Nutrition

Health is a part of wealth. Our communities have been deprived of access to adequate healthcare for centuries. This inequality must be addressed.


Redlining and subprime lending practices exacerbated the lineage wealth gap. This inequality must be addressed.


Widespread Immigration has been used to suppress Black mobility for decades. We want to provide a more ethical pathway to citizenship.


The government provides grants for road and public transit projects, utilities, and a host of other capital expenditures. Black America must have access.

The Justice System

Black America has faced unequal outcomes from the justice system for centuries. We want to change current outcomes to more equitable ones.

Voting Rights

Our voting rights are a key tool in our right to self-determination. Black America's right to vote must be protected in order to have true democracy.

Without these measures being instituted, ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country.

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